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custom apperal

...apparel to the bling and sparkle of glitter and rhinestones, we have just what you are looking for.


special effects

glitter: are you looking for a design to really sparkle, glitter is the best way to do it! adding custom glitter to your shirts can really add some glitz to your design.


foil: this is a popular option, and is sure to make your shirts stand out from the crowd! foil comes in a ton of colors, and works for unisex, feminine, or masculine designs.


rhinestones: add some sparkle and shine to your custom apparel with rhinestones! your entire design can be done in rhinestones or you can add rhinestone accents to your printed shirts. rhinestones are perfect for special events, resale, teams, and more! you can even personalize names and numbers in bling... perfect for a mom shirts, teams or groups. rhinestones are a cheap way to jazz up t-shirts, hoodies, totes, koozies, car decals, and more!


designs this is unique in that most custom apparel places want to print the same men's tee for everyone in your group, but your group has people of all shape and sizes. we can accommodate these needs.